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Student's Name: Charlie Beveridge

Title: Untitled

Description: The focus of my documentary portfolio is that of the conservation and rehabilitation of the coastal environment. The target area being the Sorrento Coastal Foreshore Reserve, spanning around four hectares from Hillary’s Boat Harbour to the Marmion Angling and Aquatic Club (MAAC). The presence of weeds in the area disrupts the balance of the natural ecosystem, displacing native plants and altering nutrient cycles and ultimately the quality of the soil. This has a detrimental effect, as if left without interference, weeds competing for resources can overrun the existing landscape, changing the layout of the coast and causing knock on effects further down the line. I made contact with the volunteer group Friends of Sorrento Beach and joined them on several of their weekly weeding and planting sessions which makes up part of the long-term care and rehabilitation of the native species that make up coastal foliage.