Theatre + Drama

Diverse skills for theatrical performance.

Theatre and Drama students hone their practical skills in acting, writing, production and design while also exploring the important history and theory behind theatre arts.

Featured Work

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    Michael Zanki Martin, Carmel Fox, Carmen Greyvenstein, Oscar Sheil, Brandon de Sousa, Holly Stancombe, Kathryn Vincent / The 39 Steps

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    Carmel Fox, Oscar Sheil, Brandon de Sousa / The 39 Steps

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    Fred Stutantio as Stanley Newton / Boycott

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    Jaimee Gardner as Meredith and Wendy / Boycott

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    Abby Heath and Rory Banks / The Rover (Shakespeare and Friends)

Behind the scenes of Boycott / Video credit: Theatre at Murdoch Facebook

Performance Arts

Theatre and Drama students build their skills in performance through a range of projects working with the wider community, industry professionals and mentors.

Carmel Fox and Kathryn Vincent in The 39 Steps / Photo credit: Tiffany Banner

2021 Season

A Final Sip of Shakespeare and Friends
Excerpts from William Shakespeare and his contemporaries performed with different theoretical approaches.
Boycott: Pulaski Tennessee and the Legacy of the Ku Klux Klan
Showing how a small town in the 1980s banded together to stop the spread of hate and exclusion.
The 39 Steps
A celebration of theatre from the mind of playwright Patrick Barlow.