Strategic Comms

Communication tactics for the digital age.

Strategic Communication students learn the practical and theoretical side to strategic communication for different audiences and stakeholders.

Featured Work

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    MESH Clique / Campaign Management

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    Kat Stevens / Specialist Communication

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    MESH Social / Campaign Management

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    MESHengers / Campaign Management

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    AgriMESH / Campaign Management

MESH Clique / Photo credit: Talia Lackenby

Campaign Management

The Kambarang Conference serves as an empowering platform for students to present their ideas within a professional environment and to showcase their skills to scholars, clients and professionals alike.

Kat Stevens / Murdoch Sports Internship

Professional Experiences

Kat Stevens worked on behalf of Murdoch Sports as a Trainee Communication Consultant. She was part of the October and November campaigns for Murdoch Sports' monthly active challenges. She developed two campaigns to be implemented on Murdoch Sports' social media and Guild bulletin boards.