Sound can both be defined as a source and also as a point of reception, and it is from these two standpoints that the Sound degree uses as trajectories for learning. Sound incorporates the way sound is used both in media and in everyday life. In music recording, film sound, game sound, radio and industrial sound design professionals create the recognisable sounds of the modern world and create new sounds. This major focuses on the practice of contemporary sound design and production, combining a mix of theory and production in areas such as popular music, sound for film and games, studio recording, music technology, live sound and radio sound design. In the Bachelor of Creative Media students develop a broad understanding of the field and the skills needed to be successful in the creative media industries. The degree blends study in the creative disciplines with work-integrated learning. As a creative media graduate, students understand the commercial context and changing nature of the creative industries, and their role as a creative professional within them. They have the opportunity to build a portfolio of creative works throughout the degree and showcase their creative potential.



Students studying Campus Radio(COM313)are provided the opportunity to collaborate with Radio Fremantle. They coordinate and broadcast a weekly magazine drive show that is broadcast viacommunity radio station, Radio Fremantle.
Students produce Fremantle stories, segments and also create stings and promos for their shows.Regular content includes pre-recorded interviews, news, weather and sports updates, outdoorbroadcasts as well as live shows with interviews, reviews and campus events. As a cohort, the class works on social media, branding, promotions and research, as well as day-to-day business of presenting, producing and editing show content. Dr Simon Order, course co-ordinator says that “Radio Fremantle gives the students a fantastic opportunity for the students to broadcast and bring Murdoch University’s Campus Radio course is facing the challenge of broadcasting during the Covid-19 pandemic, by continuing their planned shows on Radio Fremantle in April, 2020.

With show names like "Going Sane", "Phresh As Fridays", "The Antidote" and "Locked Down", Murdoch Radio is embracing the uncertain times and presenting chill tune sessions, chatty segments and engaging community outreach. With every show the tudents additionally involve their audiences through social media, developing branding and promotions, as well as the day-to-day business of presenting, producing and editing show content.

This is done by putting student safety first as many schools are, with remote networking, recording segments and online interviews, which are then delivered for broadcasting every weekday.

Dr Simon Order, Senior Lecturer and Academic Chair for Sound and Radio at Murdoch, says that many broadcasters are adapting and getting on air as usual and Murdoch’s M.R FM is simply doing the same.