Contemporary sound design and production.

Sound students learn hands on production techniques and theory for variety of mediums including film, games, music technology and live sound.

Featured Work

  • Jake Luzi / Outpost Jazz Live at Murdoch

    The aim of this live concert film project was to combine my knowledge and interest in live music with the complexities of a live multi camera setup, to be able to capture the performance from different angles and combine both audio and video to create a film that captures and engages the audience beyond simply an audible experience. This project pushed my skill set in video capture and editing whilst allowing me to refine my live audio production knowledge to create this live performance film.

    Jake Luzi

  • Josh Watkins / Boy in Nature - Delink

    The aim for this project was to create, produce, mix & master 3-4 single tracks in the breakbeat genre and have them released on record labels around the globe. Accompanying the tracks would be artwork & visualisers along with video tutorials breaking down the songs and explaining how they were made hopefully showing some tips & tricks other producers can use. Another addition to the project would be the stems from one of the singles.

    Josh Watkins

  • Germaine Jones / Audio Post Production Showreel

    This showreel showcases my creative skillset in audio post production for gaming and film. It demonstrates a range of skills that I have learnt throughout my degree and working experience including sound design, sound mixing, music composition, audio re-recording, foley, ADR and voice over. In addition, I created two in depth ‘Making Of’ videos for two of the projects featured in my showreel to illustrate the work that went into each project.

    Germaine Jones

  • Kyle Ahchak and Pat Thom / Augmentation

    The aim of the project for Kyle and I was to work together and create an EP that consists of 4 songs and follows the style of EDM and dance music. The reason we chose to take on this project, was because we both love electronic dance music, and both wanted to work together and combine our skills onto a bigger project and create something for an audience that also love and share the passion for EDM sound.

    Kyle Ahchak and Pat Thom

  • Jake Bergman / Good Vibrations Podcast

    The aim of this podcast series is to inform others about new experimental treatments on how to treat anxiety and PTSD, with a heavy focus on music and sound therapies. Whilst I won’t be making any scientific breakthroughs, I do hope to draw attention to people doing great work within these industries and hopefully encourage the listener into thinking differently about what forms therapy can exist in.

    Jake Bergman

My Future (cover) produced by Lana Speyers

Sound Production

Sound students gain industry experience with Murdoch's integrated learning program, providing them with real-life projects to work on.

Recording of Susan Summer's Your Tail

Specialist Skills

Students develop specialist skills in a variety of different media, working hands on in Murdoch's state of the art sound production facilities.