Graphic Design

Critical design theory and skills for the future

Graphic Design students learn how to apply design theory, problem solving and client liaison skills and industry production techniques through a range of real-life projects.

Featured Work

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    Chantal Benson / Media Project

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    Liliana Moreno / Advanced Web Design

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    Liliana Morena / App Design

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    Jodie Ellin / Branding

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    Declan Young / Media Project

Tegan Fullgrabe / Advanced Web Design

Industry Projects

Graphic Design students work on numerous real-life projects throughout their degree, applying industry production techniques and problem solving.

Nicolina Ierino / Publication

Publication Design

Students learn concepts of pre-press, creating artwork for print, typography, layout and print production techniques are introduced at a theoretical level and implemented in practical project based work that allows clients to be print ready in pre-flight.

Yuyuan Duan / Packaging

Design Theory

Students work on critical theory and communication skills throughout their degree, developing professional co-designers.